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Is your website not as popular as you think it should be? Are readers leaving your website within seconds of arriving? Are you thinking about social media, but not sure what to do? Are you unsure what SEO means for your company or organisation?

Are you redesigning or redeveloping your website and finding it difficult to describe your requirements to your developers? Is your organisation out of step with the way your developers are working?

Autonomy Consulting (London) is here to help with straightforward advice to help you make your website more popular, improve your editorial content, help you work with developers and decide when to use (and not to use) social media.

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Get in touch to discuss projects and cost. As a one-person operation, Autonomy Consulting can afford to keep prices at a more reasonable cost than larger organisations.

About Donnacha DeLong

is the London-based online communications consultant trading as Autonomy Consulting.

Donnacha is a Certified ScrumMaster, experienced online journalist and received an MA in Political Communications from City University London in 2012. Donnacha also completed a short course in html5/css3 training in July 2015.

Donnacha has worked as a consultant with a number of clients, including the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and National Union of Journalists (NUJ), since 2010. Previous to that, he was a website editor and journalist for more than a decade.

Donnacha worked on building the new NUJ website and CMS in 2013 and on redeveloping the site to be responsive in 2014. He also worked on the redesign and redevelopment of the TUC unionlearn website in 2015.

Donnacha has trained staff in the use of new CMSs and delivered workshops in the effective use of social media for business. He also helped pioneer the use of Twitter for reporting purposes after 2009.

He was Senior Site Editor of Amnesty International’s global website,, from 2007 until 2010. In that time, he played a key role in developing the organisation's use of social media for campaigning and reporting purposes. He previously edited the now defunct news.amnesty website from 2003 to 2007.

Originally from Dublin, Donnacha started working professionally as a journalist on the RTÉ News website in 1998. He worked there through the early days of online journalism until 2002.

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